Queer Cafe

An open mic evening

In our seventh year, we bring another evening of voices that challenge the ways in which we imagine our sexualities, genders and desires!

Inviting readings, performances, poetry, songs, videos, films, mime, erotica, rants, raves, elegies, odes, limericks, nazms…Your audience is waiting.

Open to all. Entries invited in any language. Time slot per reader/performer: 10 mins.To sign up to read/perform, Email contact@nigah.org or Call 8527104089. Ditto if you have questions.

30th March, Friday @ 7 pm
THE ATTIC 36 Regal Building, CP
Phone: 23746050, 51503436
Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk
(Above ‘People Tree’)

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