Queer Campus Meet Up


Queer Campus India is a queer collective for students/youth which provides a space to share your experiences/politics , find a support group and hang out. We have been meeting every second and fourth Saturday of the month.

For this week’s queer campus meeting, come with anything that you would like to perform or read out – either at the meeting or in the future.

It could be poetry, or nonsense verse, excerpts from books, passages from other pieces of writing which you have found interesting. It could be music, or an idea for a play that you might have had. It could be your own work or somebody else’s work that you have found inspiring, fun, and something that you would like to share with others. (if anybody else’s work is being presented, do remember to give credit to the author/artist)

* Note that it needn’t be a finished product, we are just here to discuss our ideas with each other.

Date: 11th September, 2010

Time: 3PM onwards

Venue: To Be Specified Later

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