Queer Ear For The Queer Eye: Introducing QRadio !

Just when you thought the Gaysi Podcasts with our lone Sexy voices and perpetual giggles were all you had to listen to in the Desi – Queerverse…

Out comes a brand new and much welcome addition to the mass media space: QRadio !! 


Launched in Bengaluru (Bangalore) at midnight on September 10th starting things off with a holler, QRadio hit the airwaves under the radiowalla.in banner. According to Radiowalla, “QRadio, India first queer radio channel, is a space that celebrates your gender identity (Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Gender Queers, Allies and the Heterosexuals too) through shows where you talk about the serious (society, acceptance, parents, rules, laws, policies, abuse) and the fun stuff(dating, sex, fashion, food).” 

Amazing stuff, huh?

Truly though, We think QRadio is a great initiative and its about time! As we have frequently, dare I say, bemoaned(?) Queer representation in the mainstream is sorely lacking and having a radio station that focuses exclusively on LGBTQ relevant topics, issues and gupshup – just feels right.

The co-founder of Radiowalla, Anil Srivatsa hints at many things in the pipeline in the months to come. But, for now just before you all go tune in, let’s take a look at what is on the agenda for QRadio shall we?

There is HQO where folks discuss their coming out stories, with Vaishalli : Mon, Wed, Fri, 4-5 pm.

There is Heart to Heart – a on radio counselling show run by Inner SIght – a damn good idea if I say so myself!

And a different take on a common acronym, we have LGBT – Let’s get beyond ties  with John and Sandy: Mon, Wed, Fri, 1-3 pm.

And saving the fun for last – We also have Queerlicious – an LGBT lifetsyle show with Romal Singh : Mon through Fri, 7-9 pm.

We asked Romal for his take on QRadio and how the first few days with the new show have been going and this is what he had to say:

“Being a Radio Host on QRadio just happened, but I am so glad it did. The fact that we finally have an interactive platform that’s accessible across the country, that aims at celebrating the Queer experience, just makes me love my job even more. It’s been amazing since day one, minute one and people have been calling in from all corners of the country. Be it Punjab or West Bengal or even the South… we’ve been getting stories on air from everywhere and that’s what the station aims to be… a voice for the community. We’ve just begun and there’s a long way to go… but the more the word gets out and the more people use this platform, the more successful we’ll be in representing the community in all its reality. So that’s what I hope for now… more callers, more stories, more emails, more messages and definitely more guests on my show.”

According to news reports, there is also an exclusive show for Queer women in the works and it launches today! that’s right, September 26th – Hosted by none else than someone well known to us at Gaysi and to the queer community at large: Mari ! It is slotted for 12-2pm Thursdays and Saturdays and in Mari’s own words, “You can call in and say hello on air! The number to call is 080 415 28 333. I’d LOVE to hear from you!”

For now, it looks like QRadio is revving things up for 4-6 hours a day. In the coming months, that looks to change to 10-12 hours – OMG! Imagine how much queer radio that is! That drive home, that post-lunch-food-coma, that aftermath of a big fight with your loved one when you are staring at your phone – Fear no more! You now have something to do at those times of need! That’s right – QRadio may just kill the Whatsapp star ( or WeChat or Viber or what be you…)

For more details do check out the QRadio facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/qradiowalla

QRadio is very accessible by simply getting onto the radiowalla.in webpage and clicking on QRadio , or alternatively, in the works is the radiowalla app to download right onto your phone – Its that simple!

So go on and show your love, folks: Listen in, Call in, Dial in, Text in, Beam in – do what you will but lets hope QRadio is here to stay for all our listening pleasure.

Signing off……

(I always wanted to say that. Sigh. Call me, Maybe?)

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