Queer Event in Hyderabad

For all those who were complaining that there isn’t much happening in the Telugu land, here is a wonderful opportunity.

Aks: Reflections of Queer Hyderabad!

This is an invitation as well as call for submissions for our art show, Aks: Reflections of Queer Hyderabad!

We’re looking for queer art in several mediums—photography, painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, video, collage, prints, poetry, etc—with content that seeks to express perspectives on queer lives, issues, identity and desire. We’re interested in the ways in which people in Hyderabad interpret their lives in relation to their gender and sexuality, and how they experience and negotiate the city in relation these various identities and sexualities. We choose not to define queer, but recognize its multiple meanings—as a reaction, contradiction, fluidity, politics, sensation. And to reflect this varied mass of experiences, the Hyderabad queer art show – Aks hopes to be an exchange of how we see ourselves.

There are no restrictions; your work can be subtle, dirty, mystical, loud, nude, delicate, reactionary, affirming, religious.  We encourage anybody who has something to share to please submit and emphasize that this is not a professional art show.

The show will also include an open poetry reading, where alongside some well-known local queer poets, we can read and listen to each other’s fiery written word (cruising stories, feminist/trans/masculine monologues, and coming out narratives all encouraged!). We will also have an open mic session, for various other kinds of performances – theater, music, skit or song.

If you plan on submitting artwork, please get in touch with us at queerarthyd@gmail.com for details on how to submit artwork.

You can call us at: 7799350877 OR 8142755959

Venue: Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies,
2-2-18/49, Durgabai Deshmukh Colony,
Bagh Amberpet,

Last Date for Submission: 10/07/2011

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