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Queer Eye Season 5 Review: As Fabulous As Ever

Grooming, Fashion, Culture and Lifestyle, Design, Food and Wine. These are the official specialized categories under which the amazing Queer Eye cast is supposed to help the heroes of each episode give themselves a ‘makeover’. What makes the show special and sets it apart from reveal-based makeover shows, however, is the journey of personal growth and self-love of every single hero that we get a chance to witness.

Season five is no different, as it opens with the journey of a gay pastor whose church is literally crumbling while he struggles with imposter syndrome because he came out later in life. While the show gives his church a beautiful makeover and updates his wardrobe and personal style, it goes beyond that by connecting him to other LGBTQ+ christian leaders who help him heal.

That moment of solidarity between people that are trying to bring change from within to a religious institution that has historically discriminated within them is the reason why this show is worth watching. However, Queer Eye does not stop there- it also gives us the representation of the other honest impact that the Church has had on queer individuals Bobby Berk, the design expert, who was abandoned by his religious community and gets triggered to this day. The pastor tells him that the Church should not move forward without apologizing for the hurt that it has caused, and says sorry to him on behalf of the Church.

The season is filled with such heartwarming moments. We get a Father of the Bride who learns how to dance and draw healthy boundaries in relationships, a pediatrician who gains confidence, an anxious activist who learns how to care for herself first, and a dog groomer who gets to throw a fashion show for her adorable clients. The Fab 5 themselves are as fabulous as ever. Jonathan Van Ness is still a gift to humanity, and his message of self-love brings life to every frame. Karamo Brown gets to do more than ever before- while earlier seasons saw him having heart-to-heart conversations, this one shows him also helping relatives reconnect, prompting have difficult conversations, and engaging in physical activities with the heroes that are metaphors for their journeys. Antoni Porowski gets to reconnect to his Polish roots, Tan France even orders customized wardrobes for a plus-sized contestant, and Bobby Berk goes above and beyond by connecting a hero who is struggling financially to a finance manager.

With a new dog and a new Philadelphia office, the Fab 5 have brought ten new episodes this season, and there is no way that you can resist binging them. In a moment when the world seems like it is falling apart, this much-needed positivity is a breath of fresh air. This season also brings new scene transitions- including episode specific ones featuring the heroes that get the makeovers! If you are going to watch one thing during this pandemic, make it this show- even the fact that there might be too many episodes feels like a blessing. The ‘feel-good’ moments are plenty, and the warmth will give you a sense of comfort. Most importantly, you will be saying “Yaaaaas Queeen!” long after it is over.

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