Queer Games 2013

Queer Games 2013

Queer Games 2012

We are back after our super successful inaugural year, and this time Yaariyan promises even more fun! We shall gather again at Juhu beach and play a few games, which we promise will be fun. Come join us with your friends too!

Note : The event happens in tandem with the GayBombay Kite Flying, so you can make it to two events at one go.

Date : Sunday, 13th January 2012

Time : 4 pm to sunset (kindly make it on time)

Venue : Juhu Beach. the lane next to the Tulip Star Hotel (the old Juhu Centaur). The lane runs between the hotel and the Janki Kuntir colony which is where Prithvi Theatre is. Look out of rainbow kites, flags and some awesome crowd.


1) Lemon and Spoon Sprint

The Classic race which everyone has played atleast once in their lifetime. It’s not just about speed but rather balance and co-ordination which ain’t an easy combination to master.

As a young kid, one is thrilled as he/she paces through the tracks, and delightfully discovers being the leader of the pack. In that state of glee, paces forward, to only discover that the slight glance, that slight tilt of looking around turns out to be disastrous, and being only a meter away from the finish line, the lemon drops. Live your world, live your life – don’t attempt the precarious angles to look around on who’s doing what and where am I? You too could face the same consequences. Although a simple game, it teaches some of the biggest lessons for our adult life.

Registration : Rs 20/person

Rules :

a) One can’t use their hands once the race has commenced

b) You are out of the race if your lemon falls off the spoon

c) The first person to cross the finish line or the person covering the maximum distance (in case no one completes) shall be the winner.

d) The referee’s decision is final and binding in any of any dispute.

e) Fantastic prizes (sporting gear and accessories) await the winners


2) Three Legged Race

Another childhood classic, which sounds easy but it takes patience, practice to make two pairs of legs to work as one. And did we mention all the fun in falling on the sand?

Registration : Rs 30/couple

Rules :

a) The legs shall be tied by the volunteers, and can’t be adjusted by the participants.

b) When the whistle blows, all of the pairs, assembled side by side at the starting line, race to the finish line. The first team whose pairs all cross the finish line wins.

c) The referee’s decision is final and binding in any of any dispute.

d) Fantastic prizes (sporting gear and accessories) await the winners


3) Tug of war

It’s a game of teamwork as much as of strength, and the team that works together is the one that stays together and ofcourse wins!

Registration : Rs 50 for 5 member team

Rules :

a) Each team consists of 5 members each.

b) The objective is to pull until one side’s tape crosses the line.

c) The referee’s decision is final and binding in any of any dispute.

d) The winning team shall be presented with a Trophy

Note : The registration amount helps fund all the expenses of this event.

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