Queer & Muslim: A One-Day Consultation on LGBT Muslim Issues

The Queer Muslim Project and Aneka invite you to a one-day consultation on LGBTQI Muslim issues in India.

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About the event:

LGBTQI Muslim experiences in India are shaped and influenced by a complex web of issues – religious and cultural homophobia, social stigma, legal proscription and a ‘racialized communalism’, often premised on the idea of Muslims as ‘’lesser Indians”. Queer Muslims, therefore, have to fight the double-edged sword of being Queer and Muslim in India – often struggling to be either or both.

Religion has historically played a significant role in perpetuating cis-normativity and patriarchal heterosexism as the natural and “normal” order of gender and sexuality through a complex and controversial nexus between gender, sexuality and religion. This forms the basis for a distorted understanding which discriminates and marginalises women and sexual and gender minorities.

However, within contemporary Islamic theology, there is also a refreshingly progressive body of work that offer a more pluralistic and inclusive interpretation of Islamic scriptures – foregrounding issues of women and LGBTQI individuals.

The Queer Muslim Project and Aneka are jointly organising a one-day consultation to map out and document some of the pressing issues facing LGBTQI Muslims in India today. The main aim of this gathering is to discover and voice out the liberative aspects of Islamic faith which affirms dignity for gender and sexual minorities and to transform such faith communities into inclusive communities.

Date: May 13, 2018
Time: 10 am onwards 
Venue: Bangalore (Exact location will be announced later)
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About the organisers:

The Queer Muslim Project is an advocacy platform in India, working towards the empowerment of LGBTQIA+ Muslims.

As a Human Rights Organization working with sexual minorities, Aneka is committed to initiate dialogues with religious groups to create a safe space for sexual and gender minorities.


For more details, please email us at thequeermuslimproject@gmail.com or anekatrust@gmail.com.

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