Queer Open Mic

Date : 23rd October, 2010

Time : 8PM to 10PM

Venue : Queer Ink Book Fair @Candies, 5AA Pali Hill, Next to Learners Academy School, Bandra, Mumbai.

• You must perform your own writing or derived work (with acknowledgment), in which your content is substantial, and in English &/or Hindi, for up to 5 minutes.

• Only solo or duo performances; no groups. You can recite, shout, or sing; you can sit, stand or lie down; you can dance, play a musical instrument, or scratch your back while standing on your head, as long as you perform your words.

• Any set-up time counts towards your five-minute time limit. Dress up if you so desire or carry any props or musical instrument.

• A gong will be struck at the end of the five-minute period and you must leave the stage immediately.

• Genres: No restriction. Poetry, scripts, stories, songs, anything with a queer word.

• Homophobia, Racism and Slander will not be tolerated.

• Reserve your time slot on 9821.730.721

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