Queer Parents & Relatives Meet : 9th March, Max Mueller Bhawan

Post the supreme court judgement on section 377, we feel there is an urgent need to reach out to parents and relatives of LGBTQ individuals and address their fears, doubts and apprehensions about the safety, well-being and happiness of their children. Through a combination of expert counselling, free and open dialogue and a question and answer session, we hope to create a positive environment wherein alternate sexuality and the relationship between queer individuals and their family members can be affirmatively discussed.

DU Queer Collective – duqueercollective invites you to a Queer Parents and Relatives Meet on the 9th of March (Sunday), 5 pm at Max Mueller Bhawan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi. The session will be facilitated by Mumbai-based counselling psychologist, Deepak Kashyap.

Deepak has conducted several parents meet in Mumbai, offered counselling to parents of queer individuals and is actively involved with Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). He provides counselling and life-skills training services to corporations, corporate universities and colleges across India. He also writes widely on related topics for national newspapers and magazines, dealing with issues of mental health, sexuality, relationships and emotional disturbances.

Please Note: This is a closed community event and we will not allow photography, recording or posting on social media. The event is not open to media and media persons who identify as community members and wish to attend the event are requested to respect these guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Since we have limited seats and would like to reach out to queer individuals, their friends and family only, we request you to RSVP your name and phone number to duqueercollective@gmail.com. Please also specify who you are bringing along.

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