QueerCampus India (QCI) : Queering Bollywood

QCYes! The theme of this month’s first public meeting is Queering Bollywood. We’re going to discuss about all the Indian Queer elements in the mainstream Bollywood movies and we hope to have interactive session and going beyond textual analysis of cinema, and making it a creative and fun filled meeting, thus discussing YOUR SAY about the portrayal of queers in Indian cinema. Along with other film clippings, a documentary Titled “I am beautiful” Directed by QCI members of Kamla Nehru College will be shown too. Lot of students from QCI has done voluntary acting in this documentary. Don’t miss it!

The idea is to initiate the process of analysing what Indian youth thinks about the depictions of queer representations in cinema, especially in the Indian context.

Date : 11th December, 2010

Time : 3PM – 5PM

Venue : Yodakin Bookstore , 2 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

(10 mins walk from Green park metro) Landmark:- It shares the same street with a famous restaurant called Gunpowder in Hauz Khas village)

YODAKIN is a bookstore which is an independent publishing house that focuses on urban studies, sexuality and gender, among other subjects. Yodakin is a Queer-friendly space and will be hosting this QCI meeting and more in the future.


So see you on Saturday!

Contact us: qcampus.india@gmail.com
Phone: 9999096097 (Please feel free to contact QCI for any query)

The venue can easily be reached by a 10 min walk from the nearest metro stations i.e. Green Park.

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