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On 11 December, 2013 a two judge bench of the Supreme Court of India over-ruled High Court’s judgement of 2009 stating that section 377 IPC does not “suffer from the vice of unconstitutionality” and hence, is legally valid. The supreme court further holds that the LGBT community is only a “minuscule fraction of the country’s population”, implying that they are not in need of protection of rights.
This, we feel, is immensely unfair. Join us this Saturday, to discuss and desecrate the judgement and share what we all feel about it. There is a lot of anger and resentment; let’s come together and discuss our insecurities and what effect did the judgement have on us, what does the judgement actually means and what can we do in terms of our fight for LGBTQIA rights.
We’ll have a lawyer with us to help us with our questions and doubts. If you are a lawyer and want to volunteer in helping us understand this judgement better, write to us at qc.contact@gmail.com.
We are also attaching the judgement in pdf format with the event invite in case some of you may want to go through it before coming to the event.

Time: 21 Dec 2013, Saturday, 4pm – 6pm
Venue: Max Mueller Bhavan
3, Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi, India 110001


P.S. Attending public meetings of this sort is not illegal and perfectly safe.
QueerCampus is an independent queer student and youth collective active since 2010. We use the term queer to refer not just to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, but to any identity or outlook which questions stereotypes. We provide a comfortable space to meet new people, discuss everything and anything – from coming out to breaking-up, the latest queer film to plans of changing the World – or offer a shoulder to cry on and friends to celebrate with! QC organizes events which are free and open to all.
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