Raise Your Rainbow : A QAM Event

Raise your Rainbow- A QAM Event
Date: 2 July 2012
Venue : HST DIC, Vakola

Queer Azaadi Mumbai (QAM) will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the Delhi High Court Verdict on 2nd July 2012. QAM will be celebrating this event with the theme “Raise your Rainbow”. One of the activities under this theme will be a get together of all queer supporters to celebrate this event. The event will be held at The Humsafar Trust , Drop In Centre at Vakola from 6 pm onwards till 9 pm.

This event will not be structured and the community and its supporters are free to “Raise their Rainbows” in a spontaneous manner. We will be having the following activities that have been decided by QAM to provide the community a platform

1. Slide show of all the Pride Pics 2009-2012 on the Screen

The slide show will run throughout the length of the program and will be a compilation of images available in public domain of all the Pride Parades and QAM events held so far.

2. Screening of 365 without 377 (subject to permissions)…others docus welcome

This is a documentary that was produced when we celebrated the first anniversary of section 377 at Azaad Maidan and will be played for those who have still not seen it. Apart from the 3 main protagonists it includes a whole host of people who have made QAM events successful and fun.

3. Arrangement of Speakers and mike for an Open Mike session – Theme: Raise your Rainbow

A mike will be organized for anyone who would like to raise their rainbow with an impromptu speech , poem , song or even plain “naarebaazi” to motivate the supporters.

4. Dancing Queens To Raise their Rainbow

A performance from “amchya Sundaris” who will bring in the anniversary with their matkas , jhumkas and their ghungroos.
The venue will be decorated in Pride Colours and we hope the community will join in to Celebrate the occasion.

The evening will be emceed by Praful , Pallav and Harish .

Dress Code:

Wear your Pride Colours

Dos & Donts:

· All supporters irrespective of sexual orientation and identity are welcome.

· Do not abuse the place by smoking,alcohol or any form of substance abuse such as gutkha, weed etc. the building is a no-smoking zone

· HST is a safe space and we request that the space or the event is not used for sex , sexual advances that may make participants/supporters feel insecure.

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