Re-Booting Feminism: A Conversation With Samhita Mukhopadhyay

EVENT DESCRIPTION: From the Slut Walk to India’s own Blank Noise anti-street harassment group, on-line organizing has been changing the face of international feminism for the past decade. Join us for a candid discussion with Samhita Mukhopadhyay, U.S.-based feminist writer and editor of prominent feminist blog, about ways to utilize the blogosphere as an activist tool, and a reading from her recent book: Outdated: How Dating is Ruining Your Love Life (Seal Press, 2011). Outdated addresses the difficulty of negotiating loving relationships within the borderlands of race, culture, class, and sexuality—and of holding true to our convictions and maintaining our independence while we do it.

BIO: Samhita Mukhopadhyay is a writer, speaker and technologist residing in Brooklyn, NY. She is the Executive Editor of and is the author of Outdated: Why Dating is Ruining Your Love Life. She has also written for multiple news outlets including The Nation, The American Prospect, Alternet and the Guardian UK. She has been profiled in India Currents Magazine, Nirali Magazine, Brown Girl Magazine, and on Alternet. In 2007, she was named a Champion of Sexual Literacy by the National Sexuality Resource Center where she is also a guest lecturer in their prestigious summer institute. Mukhopadhyay is a sought after speaker, regularly lecturing at college and universities and at conferences about race, politics, technology, sexuality and feminism. Mukhopadhyay is on the board of directors at Sakhi a NYC based organization committed to the eradication of violence against women with a focus on women of the South Asian diaspora. She has a BA from the State University of New York at Albany in Women’s Studies and Sociology and an MA from San Francisco State in Women and Gender Studies where her research focused on the politics of the feminist blogosphere.

Date: 3rd December, 2011

Time: 6PM onwards

Address: 1 Riviera CHS, 15th Road, Santa Cruz W, Mumbai
A Queer Ink Event.


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