Redefining Gender : A Look Through My Rainbow Glasses


Date: Saturday, 27th January 2016
Time: 11AM
Venue: Antisocial, 9A & 12, 3rd Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India 110016
FREE ENTRY // FB Event Page

Are we open to seeing gender as something more fluid than just ‘male’ and ‘female’? Let’s get chatting about the good things, the not-so-good things and the way forward, especially for the youth to take, to bring about change in the way we define genders in this society.

Join us for an interactive session with some of the leading experts on gender conversations in the country.

Register here for the event:
Entry is free for all and will be on first come, first serve basis.

Our panel of speakers comprise those who have broken stereotypes, created a more fluid space for gender in society:

1. Pramada Menon: Queer, feminist activist and co-founder of CREA.

2. Vikramaditya Sahai: Faculty, Gender Studies at Ambedkar University, and trans/queer activist.

Manak Matiyani: Executive Director, The YP Foundation


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