Regional Consultation (Nov 2011) : AMEND 377

Regional Consultation :: Nov 2011 :: AMEND 377 :: LEGAL SUPPORT TO LGBT GROUPS IN INDIA

The World Bank has recently commissioned Amaltas and the Humsafar Trust to carry out an assignment to help create an enabling legal environment for LGBT communities. It is intended to provide insights and inputs to policies and to develop a programmatic framework that encourages and supports the fullest expression of the rights of the LGBT people as citizens of India. The objectives include formulation of priorities on the basis of informed consultations with representative LBGT groups for better uptake of services provided by the State. The findings from this task will lead to the development of a legal road map which supports our human rights struggle and help us demand access and use services including those for sexual and reproductive health and HIV services.

In this regard, Amaltas and Humsafar Trust are organizing 3 consultations in November 2011 in Chennai, Baroda and Bhubaneshwar. We would like to invite the LGBT community to participate in this one day consultation. Your insights and advice would be very valuable.

The tentative dates for the consultation are

Chennai: 5th November 2011
Baroda: 12th November 2011
Bhubaneshwar: 19th November 2011

To be part of the consultation you will need to fulfil the below criteria

1.Participant should be from the LGBT community .

2. In case the participant is representing an organisation, communication from the organisation’s official e mail id would be required.

Please send an official mail to ( with the following details.

Individual Nominated(In case of Organisation):
Consultation Location: Baroda/Bhubaneshwar/Chennai
Contact Details of Individual:
· Email:
· Cell No:

The registration will be subject to fitting eligibility criteria on a first come basis. Each consultation has a maximum limit of 31 including the facilitators.

Please note that the last tentative date for receiving your application is 10th October 2011.
Post 10th October we will confirm your candidature for the consultation through Email.

Pallav Patankar
Director-HIV Programs
Project Director-Pehchan
Skype: pallav_patankar
Tel. No: +91 22 6673800

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