Release Of Scripts (13th Issue)

LABIA (Lesbians And Bisexuals In Action) and RCWS (Research Center for Women’s Studies), SNDT University invite you to the release of the 13th issue of SCRIPTS.

Date: 2nd October, 2010

Time: 5:30PM onwards

Venue: Mini Auditorium, SNDT University, Juhu Campus, Mumbai

SCRIPTS, the little zine brought out by LABIA, has over the years gone from strength to strength. The theme this time is ‘Travel’, and the issue contains a fascinating range of original, unpublished work – stories, poems, artworks, reflections by queer women and trans persons, all interpreting travel in different ways.

The evening is planned around the issue of marginalisation and migration. The narratives of people marginalised due to gender and sexuality often involve migration, forced or otherwise. We place this in the context of other such marginalisations – due to caste, class, region, religion, occupation and others. The program is an interplay of readings from diverse texts such as poetry, prose, narratives, and some audio visual narratives and pieces on this theme.

This will be followed by a discussion and a  screening of  Unveiled (Germany, 2005, 100 mins), directed by Angelina Maccarone.


A short synopsis of the film: Survival is not enough. Fariba Tabrizi has made it. Under peril of death she has fled from Iran. In Germany she has no alternative way of avoiding the threat of deportation other than to assume the identity of a deceased co-detainee. So what happens after a few months in which she has tried to come to terms with a situation which is actually an insufferable one for her? How does Fariba live not only in this external state of exile but also in an inner state of exile? The term “in orbit” is officially used by the UN to refer to asylum-seekers who find themselves orbiting around planet Earth because they can actually find legal domicile nowhere at all.

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