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Review: ‘Meant To Be Yours’ by GrapeGuitarBox

The third single from queer Desi musician GrapeGuitarBox– otherwise known as Teenasai Balamu– ‘Meant To Be Yours’ is strikingly honest, and it is this honesty and vulnerability that makes it so beautiful.

Written for GrapeGuitarBox’s upcoming EP ‘Out’, Teenasai declared this song a personal favourite because they stepped out of their comfort zone to try something new– something that clearly worked out well, if the stunning result is anything to go by. The track is also the first openly gay love song they’ve ever written, they add.

With sweet lyrics like “You’re the only thing that matters, other than the things I wanna share with you”, the song is sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, if not a little tearful about how beautiful love is.

The gentle beat of ‘Meant To Be Yours’, accompanied by instruments like bass guitar, drums, violins, trumpets and cellos, matches with the pace set by the lyrics perfectly, setting the listener up for a happy, soft ride. GrapeGuitarBox’s vocals only add to the beauty of the song, melting into the music like they’re supposed to be together.

The video for ‘Meant To Be Yours’ is just as wonderful as the song itself. Made with old footage of happy moments, the video touches your heart, leaving you aching for all the time that you spent with your loved ones and took for granted, before the start of the pandemic.

About the video, GrapeGuitarBox had to say, “I wanted to work with whatever footage I had and make a cutesy lyric video and relive moments that I miss so much right now.”

The music video is successful in getting these feelings across, adding to the charm of the song, and wrapping you into a feeling of comfort and contentment.

Having gained an audience of over one hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube over the past four years, GrapeGuitarBox not only creates their own music, but also covers songs. A self-proclaimed Taylor Swift, Adele and Ed Sheeran fan, some of their most popular covers include ‘ME!’, ‘Riptide’ and Radiohead’s ‘Creep.’

Teenasai has become something of an icon in the past few years, having performed at several LGBTQA+ events, Pride parties and fundraisers. They have also been featured in newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and the Mumbai Mirror, to name a few, and have over three thousand monthly listeners on their Spotify.

Their latest songs, apart from ‘Meant To Be Yours’, include ‘Wait For You’ and ‘Run’– both having reached over 60000 streams on Spotify in total.

GrapeGuitarBox’s music is full of warmth, solace, and the proof that pure love exists, in a world where everything else is uncertain. It is created with care and the determination to make people feel something, and it succeeds brilliantly in doing so.

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