Review: “The Good Child” A Comedy Special By Navin Noronha

Having absolutely adored his first solo act, ‘Coming Out Soon‘ way back in April 2018, I jumped at the chance to see Navin Noronha’s new show – ‘The Good Child’ as soon as I saw the post announcing it on his Facebook page.

Rainbow scarf wrapped around my throat, I walked into a place that requires no introduction – The Cuckoo Club, a quaint little cafe in Bandra, although when looking for it, one often uses its’ rival Candies – haunt of college students everywhere – as a landmark to find it. The venue itself is warm, cosy and comfortable.

Since I know my propensity for lateness well, I showed up early to buy tickets, early enough to run into Noronha himself and his charming boyfriend Abhi. They were good fun to talk to and Abhi did not hesitate in drawing me into a fun back-and-forth about his boyfriend and complimenting me on my scarf.

Also present in support was Noronha’s well-known brother-in-arms in comedy, Abish Matthew, who claimed to be the one selling the tickets, much to my amusement. Hey, if I was into stand-up comedy and Abish Matthew volunteered to sell tickets for me, I would not look a gift horse in the mouth, either, but it was all in jest.

Noronha was as madly funny as ever, cracking us up with new material as well as putting a different spin on some old anecdotes of his life. He joked about everything from living near Essel World to how his parents dealt with him coming out, not as gay, but as an atheist and the ensuing hilarity (hey, when I became an atheist at the tender age of fourteen, my teachers threw a fit and called my parents to school. Good times).

He is refreshingly not politically correct just as he was during his first solo act, not staying away from referencing the infamous priesthood of the Catholic Church and dropping a few bombs on (the subject of) Syria and homophobia around the world and how he narrowly avoided getting caught having sex with an ex in the Middle East. I kid you not. I laughed so much I cried.

Unlike the last time I saw Noronha’s show, I wisely did not have a glass of water in my hand, therefore no spit-takes happened, much to my relief. Notable additions to his repertoire of jokes also includes ones about being educated in a convent school, where the same teacher taught both science and religious studies, much to his bafflement.

Despite the repetition of a couple of his jokes from ‘Coming Out Soon’, Navin Noronha has managed to keep his new act more or less fresh and just as hysterically hilarious as his first. He retains that spark of mischief in his eyes.

Catch Noronha performing ‘The Good Child’ by following updates on Navin’s profile here!

Trust me, it’s worth your while.

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