Rhythm of India : Performance by Dancing Queens

“We are the Dancing Queens! Keep aside issues around gender and sexuality; forget the debate around what is natural and unnatural; erase all the memories you have about what is seen and unseen. See us, feel us, cheer us… we give you Bollywood entertainment! Shake your legs and dance with us…! ”

For those who don’t already know,
Dancing Queens are a troupe of dancers from the LGBT community.
The objective of the Dancing Queens is to entertain people through dancing on popular Bollywood music irrespective of their gender and sexual preferences and raise the income generation opportunities for the transgender and hijra community.

Dancing Queens welcomes you to the seventh anniversary of the Dancing Queens events. So far Dancing queens have done series of events to raise funds for social cause like Queer Azaadi March and Raising funds for the transgender/hijra community living and affected with HIV/AIDS.

This show is a fundraiser for Mumbai Pride Week.
Entry Passes at Rs 100/- only

See you all for an Evening of entertainment!


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