Rigel Gemini Releases Music Video “I Can’t” With Alyssa Edwards And Gia Gunn

Steppin’ out with my squad, I’m that b*tch, I’m the boss,” spouts Rigel Gemini (@rigelgemini) in his first song “I Can’t” released on 4/17/2020. As if the energetic song and sassy glitterlip lyric video were not enough, for his first music video debut, Rigel Gemini called on a line-up of influencers from RuPauls Drag Race All Stars (Alyssa Edwards, Gia Gunn), POSE on FX (B Hawk), and beauty blogger (Arika Sato) for a quarantine-friendly, #stayhome music video that was filmed like a virtual house party.

With some globally-recognized names like Alyssa Edwards and Gia Gunn, and a bumping video, jaws will surely drop. Heavily centered on the queer community and trans people of color, the video showcases locally, nationally, and globally-known influential figures.

The video also features friends and family, jamming out to the song at home, for a total of 20 participants. The result? An exciting and original video experience that will lift spirits and does not take itself too seriously.  

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