RSS Against UN Video On Desi-Homosexuality

Another day, another political stance.

Just in, RSS claims there is no need to propagate the UN video against homophobia ‘coz, wait for it, LGBT are not discriminated against in India. I suppose there will be inferences drawn from this statement, support from the right wing and outrage from the LGBT community at large. While these roles are played out, the biggest reiterated stereotype is highlighted; this is some western nonsense, not an ‘Indian origin’ problem.Then statements about this being against Indian culture will follow, and then celebrities express their support for the queer folks, and we go through the same routine tomorrow, all over again.

It’s exhausting, illogical but certain days, it seems unconquerable. And most days the question looms, what can cause change? What will truly start dialogue? Check out the news and what RSS takes pain to hide between the lines, but is all too obvious; stop talking so much about LGBT and just vanish for crying out loud, all you gay people!

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