#SaddaHaq : Chandigarh Pride March

The Chandigarh Queer Pride’s parade’s bedrock is Diversity, Inclusion, Acceptance, Solidarity, Peace, Love and Respect for all. On 8th of March we invited members and allies of the queer community along with supporters of all beliefs, values and sections of the society to march together for the same. We dream of a future without discrimination and prejudice by inspiring, educating, supporting and promoting an open, free and equal society. In such a society, no person will have to sacrifice their family, freedom, safety or dignity because of who they are or whom they love. We were joined by many to celebrate identities, orientations and stand against oppression and violence of various kinds.

This year we came together and marched for :

• To celebrate the rich history and diversity of our queer lives, our community and to commemorate our struggle.

• To protest the December 2013 judgment of the Supreme Court that reinstated Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. To highlight the incidents of violence against LGBTQ people, particularly Transgender persons.

• To acknowledge and mark the Supreme Court’s April 2014 National Legal Service Authority (NALSA) judgment, which recognised the legal and constitutional rights of Transgender persons, including the rights of Hijra community as the third Gender.

• To demonstrate that we LGBTQ folks are not a ‘miniscule minority’ and that we have all the rights to life, liberty and dignity without any fear and complete equality with all other citizens of the nation.

• To demand from the new Government at the centre, to initiate action and create anti-discrimination policies to ensure zero harassment of all minorities, irrespective of their sexual orientation, color, religion, caste or gender.

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