SALGA Community Meeting

***Come find out what we’ve been up to, share your thoughts, select new SALGA Board members, and HAVE SOME SAMOSAS AND CHAI!***

We would like to know your ideas and suggestions on what directions we should take, and how you can help! SALGA is a community organization and we need the community to participate in the future direction of SALGA. We want you to take leadership roles and help grow this organization.

We would also like to announce that the following board positions are open on the SALGA Steering Committee:

YOUTH PROGRAMMING CHAIR: with a new grant focused on Youth activities, help develop new and revitalized Youth Programming! This could include a support group, youth-group events, and fostering connections with South Asian, Asian-Pacific Islander and Queer Youth Organizations at colleges and in schools.

FINANCE CHAIR: are you good with budgeting and record-keeping? If yes, help SALGA with our finances, as well as process management as we finalize 501c3 non-profit status

SUPPORT CHAIR: support SALGA Support — organize a monthly Support Group Meeting; operate our weekly Support Hotline; plan and conduct semi-annual trainings for Support Group and Hotline Facilitators; connect with other LGBT groups who offer Support Services; maintain and expand SALGA’s Support Resource Database.

EVENTS CHAIR: organize and coordinate SALGA’s many events, including fundraisers, picnics, parties and movie screenings; work in conjunction with other SALGA Chairs to host events that support outreach, fundraising, political outreach, etc.

DEVELOPMENT CHAIR: help raise $$ for SALGA! develop and implement SALGA’s fundraising strategy including grant-based, individual-based and event-based fundraising. Work with the Events Chair for fundraising events.

POLITICAL CHAIR: develop and implement SALGA’s political outreach and consciousness-raising efforts! This may include, but is not limited to, immigration advocacy, marriage equality, and South Asian LGBTQ visibility and rights; assist and/or partner with other queer LGBTQ groups to advance advocacy initiatives

If you are interested in joining the Board, PLEASE EMAIL SALGANYC@HOTMAIL.COM expressing your interest by Thursday, March 8th. In your email, please briefly explain what position you are interested in, why you are interested in joining the Board, and any relevant past experience.

We highly encourage you to speak to existing Board members.Note that being a SALGA Board member is a significant time commitment (minimum 5-10 hours/week). If you are interested in joining, we strongly urge you to meet one-on-one with a current SALGA Board member prior to the community meeting. To arrange this, please note that you’d like to meet with a Board member in your email.

Date : 11th March, 2012

Time : 2PM onwards

Venue : The LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011

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