Salvation Star Turns 4

The hottest LGBT Party in Gaysi-Bombay is back with a bang and how!!

Salvation Star turns 4 and it will be a night to remember! Surprises galore for everyone with DJ Bunty from the famed China House Club of Bombay playing his foot stomping music.

Guess whose birthday falls on 20th AUGUST and get a waiver on the Entry fee! (IDs to be produced)

Free Q Card for the 1st 4 Guests who enter the partayyy!


Cover Charge: Rs 600/- Before 11PM, Rs 650/- After 11pm- per head *All Inclusive*

We Serve Smirnoff/Bacardi/Blenders Pride/ Kingfisher/ ( two bar areas)

Includes: *2 Drinks with mixers/2 Beers/Mocktails*/

Extra Drink Coupon will be sold at Rs 120 per coupon

Credit cards accepted!

For more details you can log on to: ,

*Rights Of Admission Reserved
*Age ID and Alcohol Permits required
*You have to be 21yrs of age and above to attend this event


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