Same Sex Parenting Is As Awesome

It took more than 7 years of judicial struggle to legalize sex between same sex consenting adults. The final decision still rests with the Supreme Court. Queer unions continue to hold no legal stature. Looking at our current Indian scenario, child adoption by same sex couples seems nothing but a delusional dream.

But maybe a Western import or more precisely a Western research study could help in making this dream turn in to a reality, sooner than expected.

In a finding that confronts deeply rooted beliefs about parenting, a new study concludes that parents’ genders have little impact on children — suggesting that same-sex couples are as effective at raising children as heterosexual couples.

On average, children succeed most when raised by two parents rather than one. The parents’ genders, however, make little difference in terms of a child’s development, according to a landmark study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family. […]

And Professor Judith Stacey’s (New York University) final quote sums it all up quite aptly;

“It isn’t about being gay or being male or being female. It’s about how important this (child rearing) is, how big a part of your life it is and how much you want to give to it.” [Discovery News]

Here’s hoping those in charge of our lives…arrey meaning in legal terms are paying attention. Or am I being silly again?

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