Scripts #14 : Cooking + Writing Workshop

SCRIPTS #14 is going to be a FOOD special  and we want to cook up the contents together with you!

LABIA invites all LBT people who like food/dislike food (if there be any such) love to cook/hate to cook know their wines/can’t tell their dals apart have first dates over coffee/ have sex under the table for a WRITING WORKSHOP on Sunday 4 Sept conducted by our very own star chef Shalini M 4.30 pm onwards at Majlis Cultural Centre;


Flat 1, Christina Apartments

Police Chowki Lane (opp. Samrat Electronics) 

Kalina Market, Santa Cruz (E)


Simmering, bubbling, fermenting  inside us all are stories, poems, anecdotes, cartoons, rants, reviews of queer-friendly hangouts, sharp political analyses – all to do with the role of food in our queer lives. Let’s uncork the memories and the metaphors; let’s pass around the dishes and the dreams. Let’s do a pot luck – come with an idea or with none, but come because we’re queer and we’re here and we all have a relationship with food… and yes we can all write even if we can’t all bake (until we do a baking workshop).

Come with your laptops or diaries and pens and let’s talk about food and about writing and let’s cook up a flavorful feast of food writing together – and then we can all go eat and drink for real!

Please e-mail us at to confirm attendance, or if you have any questions. We would love to see you there.

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