Self Righteousness, Invasion of Privacy and A Threatening Hate Mail

A transwoman filing for a name change in her license was surprised to find hate mail along with her new license. Gee, How happy could one be?

Apparently, the employee at the DMV office who processed her application found it perfect to teach her some morality based on Bible, while crossing the ethics and invading privacy, not to mention adhering to a concept of hate in the first place. [Link]

It is already pathetic that the amount of red tape one has to go through to live a life. On top of it, add a layer of crap that one has to put up with employees like this. So much from a city that boasts of its diversity.

Thanks a lot, everyone, the woman who has a right to her privacy just lost all of it.

This is not about a Queer person being discriminated against. It is rather a serious invasion of privacy by using one’s position to obtain information on someone one has no right to.

So if you are enraged like me and wonder what one could do about this, then there is an option. TLC is representing this woman and is running a campaign forcing the DMV to investigate this further. You can show solidarity by signing here [Link]

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