“Sirf Tere Liye” And Genre-Bending Music: A Conversation With HelloDuck

The newest track from West Bengal based musical duo HelloDuck, “Sirf Tere Liye” is a stunning song that tugs at one’s heartstrings.

With sweet lyrics such as “Gungunati hai teri baatein, sur deti hai teri adaa”, the song describes the dizzying feeling of falling and being in love with someone. Starting out soft, the pace of the song slowly rises until the chorus — when the beat drops to give way to an energizing and unforgettable tune. Combined with a hypnotic EDM-pop production, “Sirf Tere Liye” is distinctly different and brilliant, crawling its way into your mind and staying there.

HelloDuck is the musical project of Manish Das and Swayam Majumder, who have been creating music individually for quite a while. With HelloDuck, they aim to experiment and explore different genres and push the boundaries of music with their work.

“Sirf Tere Liye” certainly succeeds in doing this, as the unique song is one that makes you want to dance and cry at the same time.

Speaking with Manish Das of HelloDuck, we learn more about their music, inspirations and future plans.

Q. Could you tell us a little about how HelloDuck came to be?

We met each other in sixth grade after Swayam changed his school. We’ve always shared a common interest in electronic music and wanted to work on it together. So, we started planning a band and the idea to create HelloDuck came about while sketching random stuff in our notebooks. We made a character with a duck’s face and a pair of sunglasses at first. It seemed really cool so we started releasing different remixes and covers under this name.

Q. What is the aim of your music today?

Our aim is to communicate different emotions through our music. You can dance to it, vibe with it, feel it; it’s versatile and may differ due to perspectives. But overall, with every song we create, our main objective is to make people happy for a few minutes and make them feel connected through the medium of music.

Q. What are some of your influences, musical and otherwise?

It’s difficult to pinpoint influences as we keep getting fascinated by everything around us. Daft Punk’s last album, Random Access Memories had a lasting impression on me. Swayam is a fan of indie and ballad music. We basically try to break the barriers between different genres and create music that’s different but enjoyable.

Q. What was your inspiration for Sirf Tere Liye? How do you want the song to make audiences feel?

Sirf Tere Liye was inspired by the feeling when we want to vent out our true feelings for someone. Music has such a great power to depict every kind of emotion and amplify our portrayal. This song is mainly about the feeling when someone becomes special for you and you two co-exist, depending upon each other. We want our audience to relate themselves with this song and become a part of it. You can send it to your better half and vibe out together or just think about the person you love while listening to it!

Q. Where would you like to see HelloDuck go in the future? Do you have any upcoming plans?

In the near future, we’d love to keep creating more songs and reach a larger audience to share our music with. We wrote a lot of songs during the lockdown and currently finishing up the production. We’re also planning to release our debut EP at the end of this year.

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