So You Think You Have Talent? Check Out The 2017 Gay Bombay Talent Show!

Here’s something for Bombay people looking for interesting events this weekend! Gay Bombay is bringing out yet another instalment of its much-loved Gay Bombay Talent Show this Sunday, October 8. (More details at the end of this piece.)

Gay Bombay was formed in 1998 by a group of friends who came together to create a free space for young gay men, while also sensitizing the world through activism and politics. The group’s aim, their website says, is to make “you (and eventually your family and friends) comfortable with your sexuality, and make life a bit easier.”

Indeed, to this end, over the past 14 years, the group has conducted over 800 events. These have ranged from parties, speed dating brunches, picnics, treks and film festivals, to parent meets, cooking meets, and special meets on topics including safe sex, HIV/AIDS, relationships, depression, finances, Section 377, and more.

Around four years ago, as a part of their efforts to create a safe, free spaces for gay people, they launched the Gay Bombay Talent Show. At first, the idea was to provide people with a platform where they could simply come, hang out at and perform. It was here that India’s first gay Bollywood musical T? khw?b saj? — a love story about reincarnation and destiny — was first performed.

The play went on to become a huge hit not only amongst the LGBT community but among its allies too. The success of the play spurred on the group to create a larger platform where people could showcase their talents in a more organised and professional manner.

Still from T? khw?b saj? / Photo Credit QGraphy

Last year’s Talent Show saw a turnout of around 400 people, and this year, the group hopes to see a larger audience. Harpreet Singh, one of the founders of Gay Bombay, says, “I have been with community since ‘98 and I have seen the community grow exponentially. I want people to understand that this is exactly like any other talent show. Most people who show up will be people from the community itself, but I hope that family members and others come as well. I want people to see that there are people who have a lot to offer.”

This year’s Talent Show features two plays — Jeena by Color Positive, written and directed by Savio Mascarenhas and T? Jee Le Zar? by Deep Nandi, along with performances by Rainbow Voices, Dancing Queens and more.

Singh adds, “This is a way to promote the community, along with giving individuals the chance to put themselves out there as a talented person from the community. [The show] is not meant only for gay men. I wish more women would turn up. As it is, people are always looking down upon us, so it is important for us to find some unity within the group. I would like the event to be more inclusive and I really hope the turnout this year is more diverse.”

Does this pique your interest? Check out the details below:

When: Sunday 8th Oct 2017.

Where: R D National College Auditorium, Bandra West.

Time: 4 pm to 9 pm

Entry: Open to all (seats to be allocated on first-come-first-serve basis)

For more details, visit

You can also check their FB event here, or call them on their helpline number 9870504010.

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