SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT! Sharing Our LGBT Immigrant Stories

Queer Asian, South Asian and Pacific Islander communities have specific investments in the ongoing immigration debate:

-Many of us are undocumented, and live in fear of detention and deportation.
-Some of us are in bi-national partnerships and face an uncertain future under DOMA.
-Many of us have been kicked-out of our homes, might not have a steady income or reliable access to healthcare, and feel isolated in our battles for survival.

***PLEASE RSVP AT http://tinyurl.com/immigrationASAPI***

Come join us for a community story share for queer Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander people to share our experiences of immigration in a safe, supportive, and confidential space. Our stories will help us see what we have in common as queer people of Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander (ASAPI) descent. Together, we will also address our shared problems with the immigration system and find out what we can do about it.

Loved ones are welcome to attend, but the voices of queer ASAPI people will be prioritized at this event. Resources and support for immediate immigration needs will also be shared.

This event is free and refreshments will be served. Event space is accessible by elevator.

This event organized through a Queer Asian South Asian Pacific Islander organizing collective with support from NQAPIA, Q-WAVE, GAPIMNY, SALGA-NYC, and CAAAV.

Speak Up

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