Spider Man Comes Out Of The Closet

Well, not literally. Andrew Garfield, after riding the wave of success from The Amazing Spider Man, is back at work with the musical geniuses Arcade Fire. He stars as a young man struggling with his gender identity in Arcade Fire’s latest song ‘We Exist’.

Link to “We Exist”

The song is about a young man’s struggle to come out to his father as transgender (in my opinion, as some may argue differently). The video begins with Mr. Garfield struggling at home with hair, make up, clothing etc., before he heads out to a bar in a conservative Texas town. After bearing the brunt of obviously transphobic men, the young man escapes into his world of fantasy where he has his own dance entourage. This ultimately ends with him entering an arena full of people while he gets to dance on stage.


While there is no doubt that the video is going to be controversial, what was most fascinating is that the last scene where Mr. Andrew gets up on stage, was shot live at this year’s Coachella Festival in California!

There was no doubt that Andrew Garfield is a skilled actor, but I personally feel that he has outdone himself in this short 6 minute video!

It seems like Spidey sense just got a whole new meaning!

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