Staged Reading “Boys That Pray”

Here is a heads up on a free event in San Fran and a chance to support a fellow queer desi. In stead of being bitter about not being able to go because I reside in the cornfields of Illinois, I decided to give y’all the necessary info so you can go.  For those of you that make it out, make sure to let me know how it is!

D’Lo’s play “Boys That Pray” is in development at Brava Theater, so this staged reading is the first part and first step in the process.  Let’s show some support (and feedback has been requested too) and help D’Lo get this show started!

“This play is about masculine women/ folks of color who identify with or whose lived experience reflects that of the transgendered community in their gender presentation. The play tackles issues of masculine voices within the feminist/womanist movement and the lives of those who live under the margin of where the LGBTQ/Queer community conducts all their policy change and equal rights agendas. This is a soul-filled piece on surviving, being examples of surviving and maintaining sanity in an exclusive world where boys that pray are prey to intolerance and close-mindedness. This piece is dedicated to the unspoken emotion attached to the forgotten bodies in this battle to live wholly and holy in society.”


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Anurag is a queer, feminist, social worker-to-be. Currently residing in the cornfields of Illinois.  Fierce, emotional and reclaiming the brown-ness. 

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