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OpenSpace Open Space, Pune calls for essays for their publication for the Queer Film Festival.

First draft to be in by Sept 25th. For more information on submissions, kindly get in touch with Imran via email on: imranalikhan.os [at] gmail [dot] com.

Queer Festival Publication topics:

1) Gender and Identity: Has this identity changed because of globalization? There has been a mushrooming, for instance of queer related events and parties. Has this allowed for a change within the community to become more expressive and does globalization have much to do with it.

2) Anonymity in the gay world. Gay people and the internet. The use of language. Has this instance on “no pic no chat” changed the queer scene, does this sort of identity creating seem relevant? The text of the profile, the structure of it, the picture used, does the text/image create an identity and therefore ensure a commonality? (Bishan Samaddar?)

3) The language of queer. Labels within the gay community. Understand what is “gay”creating or opposing the stereotypes. The use of the ideas of colour within the community, does identifying with a colour strengthen identity (the Pink dollar for instance) Or does it just create a further stereotype?

The use of the word gay, by the average college-going student. Queer Jargon: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual. Intersexed, Hijra, Kothi, Panthi, Drag Queen, Hermaphrodite, Cross dresser etc. There is an excellent film I am trying to get my hands on which talks about this (STRAIGHTLACED – How Genders Got Us All Tied Up)

4) How safe is safe? Key notes on safe sex, and dating etiquette and safety.

5) Law and order (377 and its implications—where does the rule stand) Extracts from the reading down of Sec 377 — Delhi High Court judgment

6) Homosexuality and the ancient (Same sex love in India Ruth Vanita & Salim Kidwai)

Gay writing.—A review article. Ardhanarinareshwara and modern ideas of it.

I have used this as a starting point to possibly do a book review—or to use it as a point to talk about gay literature. There is Queer Ink now which makes queer literature available. An essay or a review of gay literature possibly using Foster, Wilde or Foucault as starting points for a discussion.

7) Gay photography (Mariam Mamaji)

8 ) Gay businesses. Queer Ink and Azad Bazaar. Understanding the use of a business like this, its success and failures?

9) Short stories/poetry/graphics (Akhil Katyal: poems)

10) Gay in the workplace/ Homophobia: Discrimination and Violence in places other than the workplace too.

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