Suicide Of Empathy : RIP Robin

The shame associated with suicide doesn’t deter the ones who wish to walk to the gallows.

There are medical conditions that drive people to take drastic steps. Most times the suicide-attempters are unable to think rationally. Some, if given just one second of rationality, would embrace life.

A person committing suicide is a sign of how we isolated that person, and never understood his emotions all through his life. It is the systemic failure of our society. A systemic failure of empathy.

It is a sign of how we failed to look at the person beyond the character he portrays on screen. It is hard to imagine that the man who always smiled on screen choose to embrace death.

So to all those royal turd-lovers with verbal diarrhoea on Facebook, get this fact right – that no one is championing suicide, but rather than condemning people who have committed suicide, it would be nice to look at the lonely souls around you.

Someone who is living in quiet, but has a lot of din within him. Someone you could reach out to, give your ear, your shoulder and your arm.And when you have done nothing, you have no moral right to stand up and demean the dead.

Mostly, no one commits suicide; it is our apathy and inaction that kills them.

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