Taboo : Photography Exhibition

Five photography projects on the theme of TABOO. Curated by Indu Antony and Sandeep Mahajan. Taboo is the forbidden, the illegitimate desire. Taboo is the human darkness you are not supposed to acknowledge. But it exists, we feel it, want it, see it in the hidden corners of our daily lives, rooted in our secret selves. Taboo is the inevitable compulsion, through shame, secrecy, surprising joy; against denial, towards fulfilment. Five exhibits explore the transgressive through the lens of gender and sexuality.

 The projects will be exhibited at No. 1 Shanthi Road from 24th November till November 30th, 2012.

1. Bitch, Please!
‘Bitch, please!’ tries to capture the deep-rooted femininity in our queer men, observes their performances and examines the role of gender, sexuality and identity in the process of becoming a drag queen.

2. Man-i-Fest
Drag kings are almost unheard of in India, but here here you see us dreaming in drag, finding within our selves a hidden, now emergent maleness we do not usually express.

3. Body Image
Members of Bangalore’s transgender community used film cameras to take photographs of themselves. The aim was to find and capture aspects of our human vessels that we are pleased to reveal to the world.

4. Masculine Bride
The project is a satire on the antiquity and irrelevance of the rituals of marriage and perhaps a jab at a need to reform them. And now: You may kiss the bride.

5. An Open Call
An open call for anybody to post images on the subject Taboo.

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