TAKE BACK DELHI! Protest Bike Ride on Behalf of Women


India Gate (13th October, 6:00 am) – Biodiversity Park Gurgaon (7:30 am), followed by a photo shoot by journalists.

Led by cyclists who are protesting an attack on one of their own. We’ve had enough, and we don’t take hooliganism lying down. We WILL fight back to protect ourselves, and women, and the city we wish for Delhi to be.

Last Friday Vasu was physically assaulted by a Scooterwala: And 6 men watched and did nothing!. Here’s Vasu’s account of what happened:

“First this scooterwala tried to tell me I wasn’t taking him where I said. Then he demanded more money. Calling a standing cop didn’t help; the cop seemed really disinterested.

Scooterwala had been yelling, tried lying, emotional blackmail, ‘ma kasam’ and ‘merey imaan ki baat hei’, returned the money, I took it and walked away in front of the cops after offering him what I’d promised five times. Later, he followed me and physically attacked me, and I punched him back a few times. In front of about six men, none of which came to my assistance.

Commissioner Bassi, I took your advice and fought back (women should fight back). Even if your trained constables don’t help?

He stole my book, gave me a bloody nose and a contusion on my forehead.”

Come ride with us!

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