Tell Me A Story : A Short Film Project

Queer Ink has partnered with Ms Malati Rao (film-maker) to develop a platform for people from within the LGBTQI communities to tell their stories via film.

People interested in creating a dialogue, in an empowering context are invited to email their interest to Malati on by November 15, 2013. 

Ms Rao will facilitate the process of filmmaking in collaboration with you in how best to represent your story.

The expectation is that the 3 to 5 minute film will represent a powerful and moving account of your life that will not only initiate a dialogue between the mainstream society and the LGBTQI communities but also be a means to heal and empower those who are still struggling with a disempowering context to their lives.

Malati Rao has directed, written and produced fiction and documentary films. She is the recipient of the Margaret McNamara award from the World Bank family network for her thesis film. She holds an MFA degree in Film and Media arts from Temple University, Philadelphia and an MA in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. Malati has taught graduate courses in film and screenwriting in India and the US. Her television work, including Hospital- the first reality series on Indian TV- has been broadcast on BBC World and Star TV. Malati’s previous documentary work includes Free and Compulsory which is about state run municipal schools and children’s right to an education.

Queer Ink is India’s only publisher specializing in developing resources on lives and issues of people with gender and sexual diversities.

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