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Ten Really Awesome (Queer) Artists’ Work To Follow!

Have you come across the work of these amazing artists? Do you know other queer artists who inspire you with their artwork?

@ramaanticise (rum)

Rama is one of the most fun artists doing super amazing work with tattoos. Their instagram handle also has a highlight of their hand-poked tattoo work and it’s marvelous in every possible way. Their artwork has been part of exhibitions and their artwork is surreal, revolutionary with a tint of sarcasm, and of course very queer. rum’s instagram bio reads “doing it for the gays, the ladies, and oscar wilde.” they’re also open for mural, painting, and tattoo as well as other related commissions at their email

@veermisra (Veer Misra)

Veer Misra draws queer intimacy among other things. They’re open for commissions and their merchandise (especially really cool t-shirts) can be accessed here. Their work is a prolific attempt to explore the themes of love, masculinity, intimacy, and mental health. It’s also done through a peculiar medium of story-telling, which puts up lived experiences of queer people at the forefront. From a queer reimagining of Taylor Swift’s august to making an artwork humming the tune of Robyn’s Honey, it’s a dive into the infinite tenderness of being queer.

@comics_in_crisis (Shoi/Saimita)

Shoi is a Dalit Queer artist who engages with “The gay way of doing things and making art.” One of the first posts on their account is a phenomenal artwork with the line my body is a temple and i am an atheist, rallying the themes of body positivity. Shoi also explores how “dalitness” shows up in our everyday conventions set around conventional norms on beauty among other norms. Shoi’s artwork is also supported by narratives that exemplify their understanding of their “self” through the way of art. They also make fun stickers.  

@gauravvikalp (Gaurav Vikalp)

Gaurav is an illustrator and visual storyteller. Their website reads, “A creative who experiments in the realm of Illustrations, graphic design and comics, under the pseudonym of Gaurav Vikalp.”  Gaurav’s website is a repository of a ton of breath-takingly thought provoking illustrations and comics (especially some work around the quarantine is a must watch). Gaurav has also worked with, People’s Archive of Rural India and Billdesk on their online products, and been associated with art residencies like Kochi Biennale foundation and Farside collective. Their work deftly questions the age of the internet, social media, gender and society. Their website can be accessed here.

@koncham_artsy (Praveen)

Praveen is a visual artist based in Bangalore who takes different forms situated in the themes of written and unwritten histories, queerness, gender, asemic writing and the various intersections of these fields. They were also among a group of incredible artists at the Savitribai Santhe. They have worked as an artist with Gaysi, Almaarii, and Agents of Ishq among other platforms. Their larger body of work can be accessed here along with some really amazing films exploring gender, sexuality, and identity among other themes. 

@soulstuffjunkie (Meghna Menon)

Meghna Menon is a solar powered enthusiastic creator of internet things and a thinker of silly thoughts. Meghna’s work includes portraits, self-portraits, designing book cover(s) for Penguin India, illustrations, campaigns on mental health and fan art. Meghnas’s work is also focused around community-building and the accessibility of knowledge and experiences. Meghna’s linktree can be checked here, their super awesome work can be accessed here and they can be contacted here

@_countenance_ (Harshinee Rajkumar)

Harshinee is an artist that works on illustrations, murals, and comics. She is an enthusiastic learner dabbling in multiple fields all clutched around art, and also holds a degree in architecture. Her marvelous work through murals and interior murals is truly out of the world and also extends to illustrations for childrens’ books. She was also a part of a cohort of artists at the Satrangi Mela: All Day Queer Festival at Indiranagar Social. Her body of work can be accessed through her instagram account and also here.

@_jojorambles (Jyotsna)

Jyotsna is an alumnus of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, specializing in Animation Design. Her work involves a mix of animation, illustration, dancing and writing to tell stories. Some of the work that everyone should definitely tumble upon includes Character Design Research: Visual Notes from Fieldwork, a short comic on intimacy, and stop motion animation video (which is super awesome and creative) among other exciting projects that can be found here. 

@lightermachis (Asad Ali Zulfikar)

Asad Ali Zulfiqar is a Karachi-based artist who uses new media to elevate the mundane and explore compassionate, possibly playful ways of looking at times with intentionality. ​Asad is an artist who brings lived queer experiences of their own, and the joys and struggles of living in Karachi within their brilliant art and written work. They are the recipient of multiple prestigious grants and have also been featured in multiple anthologies through their creative writing, artwork and poetry. Their work Thoughts That Keep Sakina Sleepless is set to be featured in kal FICTIONS, an anthology centering queer voices in/from/across South Asia, in 2022. Their website can be accessed here which features their vast array of work and their artwork can be accessed at behance.

@artistic._license (Ritika)

Ritika is a queer artist/freelance illustrator. She experiences the world through images and feelings that conjure in the mind. She has done phenomenal work that truly portrays so many queer emotions through a variety of art mediums and always so full of color that you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off them. She has also worked with Revival Disability Magazine, Gaysi, India Autism Centre, and ART XV.  As part of Revival Disability Magazine, her work revolved around the theme of neurodivergence, disability, disabled rest, codependence, community healing etc. and its portrayal through art. Most recently, she also did illustrations for the upcoming Yaari: An Anthology On Friendship by Women and Queer Folx (edited by Shilpa Phadke and Nithila Kanagasabai). Her truly breathtaking portfolio of artwork can be accessed here. For commissions, Ritika can be contacted at

Some of the other artists whose work you can check ou include @pocketvenus_48 (Remya), @dame_drawsalot (Sharanya), @vishnu.tv_ (Vishnu Valsan), @alafiya.tried (Alafiya Hasan, who did amazing illustration for The Queer Muslim Project’s The Queer Writers’ Room) and @shiksha.jpg (Shiksha) among others.

Have you come across the work of these amazing artists? Do you know other queer artists who inspire you with their artwork? Tell us about them in the comments!

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