The 4th Anniversary of the Reading Down of Sec. 377 : New Delhi

The Delhi Queer Pride Committee
invites you to

The 4th Anniversary of the Reading Down of Sec. 377

When: 2nd July, 2013
What time: 7 to 8:30pm
Where: Jantar Mantar

We shall mark the 4th anniversary of the historic verdict by the Delhi High Court that read down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code decriminalizing consensual same-sex relations in India.

As the Supreme Court gets ready to give its final verdict on the court case, we get together for an evening to mark the historic day. We request all of you to get something to read or perform – poems, short-stories, songs, rants, reveries – to mark this day.

We will also have a time-line of major queer public milestones in recent Indian history, to which we will ask all of you to add events you think were important in your own queer life.

We will end the evening with songs and a candle light vigil. Do spread the word and come in large numbers!

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