The Amazing Q Hunt (2013)

On our Republic Day, rise early, get ready, wear your running shoes and step out to experience the city like never before. Coz we are back this year to make you run, sweat, stimulate your guts and tantalise your senses with The Amazing Q Hunt – 2013, the ride of the year.

Explore Mumbai with brave adventures. Walk through the streets, speak with the locals, hop in and out of BEST buses and local trains. But you gotta think, slog to find your way. Every stop is a new challenge. This is no ordinary race, this is The Amazing Q-Hunt.

Starts at 8:00am on January 26, 2013 at a location riddled only to the participants.

Registration open

Registration cost is Rs. 500 per entry which goes towards the expenses, including travel across the city. The rules and regulations shall be explained at the start of the event. Surplus amount will be transferred to QAM kitty

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