The Art Conspiracy Festival

THE ART FESTIVAL – spread over two days, across the trendiest spots in Bandra.

Date : 23rd – 24th October, 2010
Time : 11:30 on 23rd until 22:30 on the 24th.
Venue : The Art Loft, The Bandra Fort, The Bombay Underground, Bonobo, Mocha Mojo, Out of the Blue, Mia Cucina, Candies, Cafe Goa, Yellow Tree Cafe, Azaad Bazaar, the Attic, Loose Ends, Taxxi & Vitamin K, The Transform Art

The Art Conspiracy (ACT) is a movement that is spreading like fire. A movement with an objective to bring art into the forefront of daily life, it is a scheme to connect artists across mediums and cultures.

With more than 300 artists, both professional and amateur willing to exhibit their work, a team of 40 established artists who are collaborating, performing and helping shape the festival and across 13 venues (lounges, restaurants, stores and the Bandra Fort) the festival promises to change the face of art in Mumbai.

A truly underground, original and unique set of experiences, the revolution is moving forward and it promises to transform.

Spread the word, let art prevail!

Visit website for more information.

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