The Betrayed Gay Lover Story With A Twist

Many gay persons have probably been left by their partners for people of the opposite sex, much like the subject of this piece of news. But our Mr. X went one step further and filed a case against his former partner, Y. X and Y had shared a room in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar where X was preparing for the civil services exams. According to X, the pair drew closer during this period and was in a committed relationship with plans to stay together.

X alleges that having relied on Y’s assurances and being from an affluent family, he spent a great deal of money on Y during the course of their relationship. Two months ago, Y left Delhi for Meerut citing family problems, where he was married to a woman. According to X, Y is now working as a teacher in neighbouring Ghaziabad.

X has filed a criminal complaint against Y under various sections of the Indian Penal Code including criminal breach of trust and criminal intimidation. He is also in the process of filing a civil suit seeking damages for emotional harassment caused to him by Y.

Staff members of Suraksha, an NGO that works towards creating HIV/AIDS awareness among ‘high risk’ categories including sex workers and sexual minorities in rural areas around Bangalore, have complained that they have been forced to undergo HIV testing. The staffers have gone on to say that they had to undergo mental torture if the tests were delayed, because they were denied leave and their salaries were withheld.

As per the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) guidelines, HIV testing is voluntary and is to be left to the discretion of the concerned individual. At a press conference held over the weekend, the staffers said that no reason was given for making such test compulsory and that it was a violation of human rights. Many said that they had succumbed to the pressure so they could continue earning their salaries. They added that the executive director of Suraksha had been furnished with a complaint in this regard, but no action had been taken yet.

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