The Cure

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Worry not! The cure to our homosexuality is finally here! These doctors in Indore clearly deserve a Nobel Prize for their discovery that homosexuality is a “curable disease.” All we need is medicine, therapy, and some conditioning to rid ourselves of this “disease.”

Read on: Homosexuality can be cured: Psychiatrists

Seriously? That is all that it takes to make me straight? I’m thinking this medicine is definitely a hallucinogen, how else can you convince us fabulous homos that we want to be straight. I don’t even think anhallucinogen will alter our mental state enough to ever want to be straight.

Therapy? Well, I can’t deny that perhaps all us homos do need a little bit of therapy. For heaven’s sake look at the awful cruel world we have to survive every day with your bad fashion and ugly shoes (yes I’m talking about those crocs)! Blasphemy! It’s been torturous to survive, the only thing that keeps me alive is my therapist, coaxing me on our weekly sessions that one day I will have a fabulous gay island of my own.

As for the conditioning… “behavior modification through Pavlov Conditioning”. Listen, let me tell you one thing, gays are already conditioned. You ring a bell at us we will take all our clothes and be excited expecting sex, not food. I don’t even want to know what will happen if you take sex away from us. We are an incorrigible bunch. We cannot and will not be tamed, much less be conditioned to be S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T.

Additionally, what the hell do they mean by “not all homosexuals have natural inclination towards the same sex individual”? Are you saying there is a certain type of homosexual who is attracted to people of the opposite sex? Well, then they are NOT homosexual. Homosexual according to the Oxford English Dictionary means one who is sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. Will a charitable homo please throw a dictionary at this idiot?

All in all, and absolutely needless to say, this article is nothing but something for us to laugh over. Seriously, out of those 45 therapists clearly not one had a decent education.

I here by nominate myself to be a part of their experiment for “reorientation.” All those in favor, say I!

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