The De Taali Gig : A Support For The Hijra Community

Do support De Taali again by attending our Gig to fight for Hijras who deserve the same opportunities as you and me.

The performers for the event include:

Agnee: Agnee needs no introduction. They’re an Indian rock band and the first to have seen a mainstream release. The band has a cult following in the crazy rock music circles of Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune. Mohan Kannan (Vocals) and Koco (Guitar) shall create Magic all over again!

The Indian Beaters: Percussion Band consisting senior students of world renowned Ace Percussionist Ustad Taufiq Quereshi. The band is formed by Dipesh Verma and also consists of Gautam Sharma, Lalit Rawat and Khwab Haria. Indian Beaters is known for their special ability to create memorable music using their Body, Mouth and Vocal Chords.

Gaurav Dagaonkar: Singer of the superhit song “College Days”. A proficient Singer, Composer and Songwriter, Gaurav is one of the most promising stars for the rising independent music scene in the country today!

Dance Performance by members of the Transgender community belonging to the Kinnar Kasturi Dance Group. Choreographed by Urmi Jadhav, there will be an entertaining mixed bag of Folk Dances and Bollywood Medleys. These are routines nobody would want to miss!

Beatboxing Performance by Avinash Tewari: Hear him to believe him. Enough said!

Spud in the Box: A frest Folk-Rock act from Mumbai, the Band was formed by Ankit Dayal and Rohan Rajadhyaksh in March 2011. They were then joined by Vivaan Kapoor (Drums) and Zubeen Bathena (Bass), Hartej Sawney and Siddharth Talwar (both on guitars). The Band regularly performs at Blue Frog and jams with senior Artistes like Sanjay Divecha, Shefali and Joe Alvares, Tublue, Claver etc.

Wilson College Band

Raghu Ram of MTV Roadies and activist Harrish Iyer will address the crowd on the issue.

Date : 5th January, 2012

Time : 6PM onwards

Venue : Carter Road Amphitheater, Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

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