The Gaysi Daily 2 [ Firangaysi edition]

BBC News – Somerset farmer’s fear of being openly gay.

“Farming is a business where tradition dictates that it is passed down through generations. But what happens if the farmer is gay?”

Interesting article in light of the rural v. urban debate.


Woah ! CNN’s Don Lemon is Gay ! and just came out in this new book.

“By coming out, Lemon becomes one of a tiny number of openly gay anchors on television; the list also includes Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts, both of MSNBC.”


Who on earth is Mr. Long?

“In order to get the endorsement of the Conservative Party, one of the deal breakers is traditional marriage,” Mr. Long said in an interview last week. “You say ‘I’m not for traditional marriage,’ you’re not going to get our endorsement. It’s as simple as that.”

Make that Mr. Wrong !


Guess what ? You can be gay and play sports, talk about sports, dream about sports and come out in sports!

“In the hyper-macho arena of sports, there’s still an “enduring taboo of being a gay athlete,” according to the New York Times.”

Read more here

FYI: An IPhone app for your Gay Wedding called “Gay Wedding Confidential” ! w00t!


Tennessee Senate approves ban on teaching Homosexuality ! … One word: Bigots

“The legislation was amended from the original version, which said no elementary or middle schools will “provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.” Republican Senate sponsor Stacey Campfield of Knoxville said some of his colleagues were uncomfortable with that language.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” Campfield said after the vote. “I got what I wanted.”

He said the language is appropriate because “homosexuals don’t naturally reproduce,” and he said it’s necessary because the state’s curriculum is unclear on what can be taught.”

Catch up on more of the insanity here.

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