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In an interview, King said it is “unfortunate” that “issues of sexuality are generally controversial for lots of Christians.”” Really Now? Read it here.


Why does the Pentagon talk in circles ALL. THE. TIME ?

“The Pentagon said in a statement Monday that the Defense of Marriage Act “does not limit the type of religious ceremonies a chaplain may perform in a chapel on a military installation.” However, while the Defense of Marriage Act still stands, the Defense Department would not recognize those unions as valid marriages even if they’re performed in a state that recognizes same-sex marriages.”  Article here.

And 24 hours later…we have an about face by the Navy – Read the shenanigans here.


Lesbians targeted in South Africa. In rapes and murders.

” The lesbian activist had been repeatedly stabbed with broken glass, and beaten so severely with chunks of concrete that her teeth had been knocked out.” Read it here.


Yves Saint Laurent’s Other Half. Watch the video in the article here. Its kinda cute.

““Today, Yves Saint Laurent and I, because of this film, because of the auction, and just in general, we are known for having been a gay couple who collected art. It’s not true.””


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