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and when i read you my poetry/ of the late night watchmen in the cold/ snowless delhi winter nights/ guarding the falling stars/

‘I like your full stops’ you said/

I knew you had heard what I could never say/ we had all that baggage- all our messed up laundry from yesterday.’

These were few lines that echoed on the evening of The Gaysi Zine Edition 3 release in Delhi.

It was a memorable evening of storytelling, slam poetry, and readings that engaged everybody in the revelry of language and performances.

No one at Gaysi had thought that The Gaysi Zine would bring so much richness and joy to our lives. Taking this baby to places has added new digits in our contact lists, fun conversations, laughing faces imprinted in our memories and the desire to continue the journey.

After the Mumbai release event, our next stop was Delhi where Max Mueller Bhavan gave us their gorgeous space to celebrate the words and visuals, which form the zine, with our very own people! The turnout was over hundred people with quite a number from the community.

The evening started with a performance “One sentence, three words” by Ronojoy Sircar, which tried to visualise that moment of attempting to communicate yourself to another, of trying to define who you are, when all someone wants to do, is turn the page.

Another highlight of the evening was Mridula Koshy reading a lovely story about two women from her collection of short stories If It Is Sweet, which won the 2009 Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize. While her reading invoked the joy and pain of memories, her husband, Michael Creigton, who teaches English and rides on Bicycles, spoke of queer love in the most poetic and political light.

The last performance was a magical session of slam poetry by Ronojoy on the Guitar narrating beautiful haikus, along with Ira Anjali Anwar, of Mildly Offensive Content, whose poems on love were about things we feel but cannot find the right words for, and Gaurav Ganguly, on the Tabla.

If there was one thing humming that entire lovely evening – it was some mystical energy and the act of coming together to celebrate one thing we all love – Queer!

Gaysi is super grateful to the team of MMB, the performers, and the audience for making that Delhi November evening, warm and cuddlesome with conversations, amazing feedback on the zine, and promises to repeat such evenings endlessly.

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