The Gaysi Zine Release Party : Mumbai & New Delhi


There should be a Bollywood song for every emotion, don’t you agree? Right now, we are feeling a “Dhak dhak karne laga’ vibe. With our latest pet project almost completed, and fresh copies of The Gaysi Zine ready to spread queer love, we are anxious and thrilled. The Gaysi Zine project has been like a roller coaster ride; a cliché ridden phrase in every other situation maybe, but oh so apt for our journey. We have produced a work that marries text with visuals and spins yarns that will hopefully stay with you after you have shut the book. So how do we make merry after all the hard work? Well, away we go!

We have decided to pack our bags and travel the country with our beloved baby and first on the stop? We maybe Captain Obvious, but it’s the land of Vadapao y’all! What better timing to celebrate queer stories than our Birthday month? So join in our celebrations. Meet the ‘Starlettes’; artists who will take the plain vanilla seeming concept of storytelling and have you Goo-Goo eyed with their tart as raspberry and sweet as pie talent. Food metaphors aside, they will use art to cover the themes we have explored in the Zine; Love, Desire, Memories, Discovery and more. We will also have the ‘Missionaries’ with the straight forward tale narration technique, except of course there will be nothing remotely straight about it (Nope! Just couldn’t leave that unsaid). Besides this, we have a few fun games in mind for you. Over cups of tea and sandwiches, tell us what stories/ illustrations stood out for you.

Next on our stop is Das Capitol, so that we can party with our Delhi friends. So make a scribble in your calendar and save the dates queer folks!

Event: The Gaysi Zine Release

Date: November 23,
Venue: The Upstairs Studio, Hill Road, Bandra (west)
Time: 6:00 PM onwards

Date: November 28
Venue: Max Mueller Bhavan, CP, Delhi
Time: 6:00 PM onwards

Please do come… And in case you cannot, you can always order a copy of The Gaysi Zine online! 

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