The Gaysi Zine Reviewed And More On The Delhi Launch!

The Fourth Estate. Love ’em or Hate ’em, we can’t live without them. The Press is everyones BFFs.

Yet a change has come that challenges the dominance of the old guard of print newspapers. Gaysi is part of a new breed of cross platform media outlets that dons many hats online and offline. As we continue to introduce the country to the Gaysi Zine, we’ve also been lucky to revel in the bonhomie of other more well known digital ventures such as Time Out Mumbai and Brown Paper Bag Delhi. Let’s have a look at what they had to say, shall we?

First, Time Out Mumbai reviewed The Gaysi Zine: 

Lauding its design, highlighting the best works, questioning its ambitiousness and probing its contribution to the subversive, The Time Out review of The Gaysi Zine is a juicy critique of Gaysi’s coddled print project.

“These stories, I would suggest, perform a very important function not least because most are wellwritten and sensitive, and the zine, well designed. Each piece – especially the ones mentioned here – offers an instance of how the protagonist(s) questions, probes and challenges the neat structures of the world through the sheer power of what they imagine. One may contend that such is the value of queer writings in India, which renders this space of the Imagined into a radical and an ultimately subversive one…”

Read more here. 

… and then Brown Paper Bag Delhi did a feature on the upcoming Delhi Launch:

Describing our road up to the Zine and the launch, the feature on BPB Delhi gives us a preview of the deliciousness to expect at the Delhi Zine Launch and showcases the roster of queer pride events that stud the entire upcoming week.

“The first edition of The Gaysi Zine saw barely a hundred copies printed in August 2011, which were distributed free of cost among friends and supporters. Positive response led to volume two, retailing (for Rs 130) at People Tree in CP and Bahri Sons Booksellers in Khan Market…”

Read more here. 



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