The Koovagam Way

Picture Courtesy : Jeff Roy
Picture Courtesy : Varsha Yeshwant Kumar
In case you didn’t know, on April 23rd and 24th, Kuthandavar-Aravan Mela (aka Koovagam Festival) came to a close. The festival annually attracts over 100,000 participants, many of whom come from the transgender communities from all over India. Check out filmmaker Jeff Roy’s experiences attending and capturing the festival on film in his latest Fulbright-mtvU documentary video installment. In the video, Mohiniyattam dancer Taejha Singh Susheela retells the myth of Mohini (Krishna) and Aravan, the story upon which Koovagam is based.


Koovagam (Part 1)


[In one of his previous posts, Jeff Roy covered Dirty Talk 2.0 and Dirty Talk: A Little Bit. Check out the rest of his blog for these and more stories from within Mumbai’s LGBTQ performance scene.]

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